How Social Media Sets Your Business Apart

Have you gone through Forbe’s social media marketing trends for 2023? If not, it’s not too late yet. Every digital marketer and business owner must go through them to understand how social media has leveraged businesses so far and how user behaviors have changed with social media trends until this year. And here is the quick link for you to access the statistics!  

Some key social media trends to note are:

  • Globally, the social media user count has drastically increased to about 4.9 million now and is expected to reach 5.8 million in the next 4–5 years.
  • Surprisingly, each of these social media users has been connected to at least 7–8 different social media platforms.  
  • 77% of businesses use social media to reach out to their customers
  • 41% of small businesses consider social media as their revenue driver 

Well, these statistics have already proven that social media has the power to set your business apart from other businesses in the market. However, this article will elaborate on every aspect of social media that’s responsible for growing your business. Start exploring them one by one!

Different aspects of how social media can differentiate your business

  1. Creating awareness
  2. Targeting and engaging 
  3. Creating value
  4. Driving the traffic 
  5. Setting new goals
  1. Creating awareness

The first goal of any business or brand is to create awareness among the target audiences. There is no better tool in the arsenal than social media. Yes, social platforms are a great choice for businesses to introduce themselves, their products, and their services. Expert marketers will create beautiful stories around the brand and relate them to the products. The result is nothing but strong brand recognition!  

  1. Targeting and engaging 

Most businesses with a strong presence on social media very well understand how these channels are helpful in terms of knowing their customer personas. However, not all of them know how to effectively use these channels for precisely targeting and engaging their target audiences. If you do so, you can see your business growing ahead of the competition. 

  1. Creating value

Creating valuable content helps the business easily and quickly achieve its social media goals. For example, good content can: 

  • Help the business grow its organic presence
  • Enable the brand to emotionally connect with its online audiences
  • Transform the way audiences relate the product and services
  • Convert leads into potential customers 

Now, which goal have you set for your business? And is social media really helping you achieve them? Drop in your comments!

  1. Driving the traffic 

Immediately after your business stabilizes its online presence across various social media platforms, you can see how all those efforts are converting audiences into traffic to your website. In other words, you are pumping leads into your sales funnel. But climbing to this stage in social media is not that easy. Ensure your business has effectively executed and achieved all the above-mentioned missions.   

  1. Setting new goals

Though the ultimate mission of having a social media presence is to generate revenue, multiple goals are associated with this mission. Businesses have to climb the ladder one by one. For instance, some businesses may want to just stay online. Some businesses want to educate their audiences, and some businesses may want to directly sell their products on social media. So, each business has to work toward achieving its goals, achieve them, and start setting new goals. And this continues. 

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Pro-tip to expedite your business growth with social media

If you’ve carefully observed the five aspects listed above, you can sense some coherence hidden in them. Yes, these aspects are listed in a proper order that is based on the stages of a business or brand that’s just starting its social media journey. First, the brand wants to create awareness. Second, identify potential audiences. Third, engage them with quality content. Fourth, entice and convert them into leads. Fifth, set new goals and start working toward them.

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