Our Story


GBCORP was established as an IT firm in the year of 1998. When it began, the founder and CEO of the company took projects under his name as his initials GB (Gaurav Bhatia). Soon after, it grew to become a registered corporation and was thus named as GBCORP.

Later in the year 2000, the company expanded its portfolio into the imports and exports business, thus adding a new domain under the GBCORP umbrella. Owing to the multi-fold success & recognition gained internationally, the company had transformed itself into a well-established firm by expanding its network with other companies of various service verticals.

Group Of Companies

To suffice the needs of ever-increasing customer base globally, GBCORP Group of Companies further diversified its business, providing its unparalleled services.

In the process of transformation from an IT service company to a giant corporation, GBCORP met all the legal and documentation requirements for compliance in different countries and sailed through the toughest times as one big family.

International Business Development

While doing so, GBCORP and its sister concerns mastered the art of creating and establishing businesses and companies globally. This enriching experience backed by competent manpower gave them the motivation to jump into one more arena of INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT.

Explore our very successful feature “Buy/Sell Ready Business Worldwide” that has won us much appreciations and profits for our Investors and Partners and has helped the company create a strong portfolio and garner magnificent returns on the investments done so far.


Owing to multiple success stories created so far, GBCORP has started building GBCORP Global Community through Memberships and offering business services professionally, thus ensuring proper and timely guidance & technical support to their partner companies and entrepreneurs.


Headquartered in the heart of USA, at the One World Trade Center, Manhattan, NY (USA), GBCORP, as an industrial partner, as a service provider and as a guide has supported all the major businesses internationally in countries like USA, Canada, UK,  Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Hong Kong, UAE, Turkey and is now spreading its wings in Caribbean countries too.

Our Role

Having a diversified experience, GBCORP is confident of providing the most accurate and reliable solutions for all your business needs to give it a great head start by ensuring success through a result-oriented path with list of GBCORP exclusive Services. We also assist in providing legal status to do business internationally (Assistance with Legal Business or working permits, Licenses, Temporary/ Permanent Visa, Local Passport, National Long Stay or Short Stay Visa & Business approvals.)

Business activities could be overwhelming at times. Let’s simplify and divide the responsibilities in running your business. While you focus on only the most important ones, let GBCORP handle all the rest.

There are many hurdles in the path of any business and they need a very soft cushioning which is amicably provided by GBCORP. A smooth road along with an experienced guide always reduces the turn-around time.

All you have to do is dream and let GBCORP turn them into reality.

Community Connect

Business Community

Today business and technology are inextricably linked. It is difficult to keep pace with the ever changing and emerging business landscape for upcoming and even for established business enterprises. In the world of cut-throat competition, a new entrant in the world of business finds it very difficult to find customers. This is where GBCORP steps in.

Being a forefront player in the arena of IT enabled services, we at GBCORP help you connect the dots. These dots could be new and existing businesses, customers, service providers, investors, exporters and importers they all are  connected as a Business Community.

How We Connect?

GBCORP provides a global platform for Business Community and a digital marketplace where all businesses can connect together at one electronic surface. As GBCORP members, these players can exchange businesses, referrals and help each other grow their businesses multifold.

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B To B Story

A business, in order to become a successful one, requires multiple B2B transactions. Be it, finding customers / prospects through B2B channels or branding and marketing to B2B players. These transactions require a thoughtful planning to become profitable and generate expected returns.

Today, analytics overrule instincts and the customer experience defines the brand of the business.

GBCORP assists business models in establishing trustworthy B2B relations overtime with IT enabled service operations, facilitating data management along with envisaging and planning the different aspects of business.


GBCORP Concept


What We Do?

As the pace of business evolution compounds rapidly, it is now more than important to have an advisor by your side. Whether it’s starting a new business, purchasing a ready business or developing an existing one, at GBCORP we can help you resolve and manage your toughest business problems with the assistance of our best business acumen and tools.

Our Business and Services Advisory help transform your business into the profitable one.

We’ll partner with you to determine the right combination of solutions for your business environment and model – from the solutions that exist today to more sustainable solutions for tomorrow.

GBCORP, on the basis of its extensive IT enabled service helps organizations reach their business goals. We follow ethical work-practices that help us implement our ideology of focusing on the end results that support business strategies through technology innovation.

How GBCORP Works?

Benefits To Business

Major Highlights Of Services

The Business:

GBCORP’s business acumen has helped grow many businesses from roots-up and so can you benefit too. Her are our top Business offerings briefly and not limited to:

  • Buy/Sell Ready Business for our clients
  • Connect High Profile Businesses with customers/prospects/members through Elite Membership
  • Provide a common E-commerce portal for our clients to sell their products / buy verified products at competitive rates
  • Provide a Business Lounge that opens up an access to many possibilities
The Services: GBCORP provides business comfort services to help initiate, establish and run any business such as: (and not limited to)
  • Business Registration and Licensing
  • Staffing
  • Marketing
  • Branding and Advertising
  • Events organizing
  • Providing prominent workplaces like Business spaces, Premium Studios and Meeting rooms
  • All kinds of professional IT Services

  • Taxes and Accounting Services
  • Visa and Travel Assistance
  • Legal Support


Business Advisory

Be it buying / selling a ready business or establishing and running your business, our business advisories, on the basis of our tried and tested technology strategies, can help your organization develop a successful and profitable brand.

We’re a partner that you will never outgrow, no matter how far your business takes you.

By taking advantage of the advisory services of GBCORP, you can turn your business vision into implementable strategies with exceptional business outcomes.

Service Advisory

Running a successful business could be overwhelming and require assistances in many routine business activities, be it major branding and advertising or IT support or an activity as trivial as booking a meeting room for only for an hour in a city at a remote location. While you focus on running your business GBCORP, in the background, ensures that it runs flawlessly. Our Service Advisory is here to answer your questions.

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