Business Model: Buy / Sell Ready Business in Your Chosen Country

With multiple years of experience in international business, GBCORP has mastered the process of buying, selling and establishing new business in almost any country in the world. GBCORP brings the buyer and seller on a common platform and does all the heavy-lifting for them. GBCORP has established a fool-proof system where every identified business is researched thoroughly before we offer them to the buyers. And here are some of the highlighted exercises (and a lot many more) that GBCORP performs during the heavy-lifting before we offer the business to the buyers,

• Identify promising and economically viable businesses globally – High potential businesses only
• Investigate the authenticity of the business – licenses, registration, clientele, reputation; to verify the genuineness of the seller

• Research the market for that particular business for maximum profitability
• Registration of the seller and the business in GBCORP portfolio
• Preparation to offer the high potential ready business to the buyers

Buy-Sell Business Model

Once the interested parties Buyer and Seller both are in consent to make a deal, below are the further exercises that GBCorp performs, to keep our clients worry-free.

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Diverse Portfolio of Companies '1 year to 20 years Old'

At GBCORP, we provide all Businesses in full Compliance and in good standing

Supplied Documents

- Certificate of Incorporation
- Memorandum of Company Incorporation
- Article of Association
- Share Certificates
- Combined Register
- Members Register
- Digital copies of all documents
- Attested Copies of all documents

Add On Services

- Tax and Accounting
- Change Business registration Name
- Registered Office Address
- International Phone Numbers
- Call answering services
- Mail and Cargo handling
- Business Secretory
- Business Bank Account
- Nominee Shareholder

Things We Care

- Smooth Hassle-free process
- Customised Incorporation
- Documents Handling
- Timely manner
- Share Sell- Purchase Agreement
- Easy Process from your Native Country
- Electronic transfer
- Immediate Availability

List Of Countries

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