GBCORP Elite Members


GBCORP provides a common platform to connect our Elite Members, Buyers, Sellers, Investors, Importers, Exporters, Service providers and Media, all at the same time in mutual benefits. With the start to finish offerings topped up with an extensive experience, GBCORP have now successfully established one of the largest business network bases that can be of great assistance to any entrepreneur or start-up for shaping their ideas into solid product outcomes.

Elite Members

Investors, Importers, Exporters, Service providers and Media, all at the same time in mutual benefits.

Buyer Members

Buy List of Products, List of business services through our Business Community Portal

Seller Members

Sale your Entire catalog across our Business Community members, List catalog or product on our premium marketplace.

By becoming “Elite Member” at GBCORP, you enter into a world of endless possibilities. GBCORP provides their Elite Members with amazing opportunities to spread their wings and generate extra ordinary revenues and outcomes.

Members Benefits

GBCORP strongly believes in providing world-class services to our Elite members and nurturing a strong relationship with them. The Elite members receive these benefits and much more with their membership:

  • Profitable ready business offers – identified, researched and verified by GBCORP in the country of your choice
  • Assistance in initial legal documentation / official invitations to invest and enter the chosen territory
  • Help in acquiring and initiating suitable and profit making business.
  • Complete hand-holding in buying, selling, starting, developing and establishing business in any country
  • Complete hand-holding and walk your business past all phases. Be it initial market research, registering the business, acquiring licenses, rental agreements, financial arrangements with credit companies, accounting, sales and marketing or after launch product feedback etc.
  • Exclusive default membership to Global Business Community
  • Free access to GBCORP Marketplace for Selling your product
  • Verified and registered 1:1 business communication with other members who are also potential customers
  • Complete assistance with new sales lead generation
  • Import-Exports guidance and support – licensing, documentation etc.
  • Free invitation to International Summit (Various premium locations)– 3-4 days with tour – Food and stay included – Five minutes time slot provided to each member to present their product / service during Summit
  • Help connect the sources to produce and sell worldwide using most economical resources
  • GBCORP certified identification that help you build credibility worldwide
  • Members exclusive arrangements of Meeting spaces, Business spaces, Accommodations during business trips
  • Strong business referrals by GBCORP community for spreading your business like wildfire