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The B to B transaction is the one involving a direct exchange between two businesses viz business between two companies. GBCORP has a client base involving businesses that have varied end users. The jobs under this domain require the individuals to be both informative and smart regarding the transaction of business models, ideas or commodities occurring in different verticals and industry arenas. The individual has to deliver presentations regarding business growth, data analytics along with targeted business objectives frequently to top management and/or clients.

Thus, an individual with excellent communication skills and listening skills along with good working knowledge of MIS to facilitate B to B is preferred in the said department.

B to C involves services being provided directly to the clients as a support system to their business products. GBCORP provides extensive services in the B to C domain with assistance in fields of marketing, buying and selling. Individuals associated with B to C should have good understanding of the client’s business model, environment and commodities or services. They should generate leads for the clients through references or by pitching presentations. In addition to this, it also includes executing the pre-decided expansion plan and achieving the revenue target.

Thus, individuals with good communication and email etiquettes are preferred.

E to E majorly implies an indirect communication between the employer and the required employee. Herein, an employer can post a requirement of an individual(s) of a specific domain for a specified period and GBCORP can help project it on either of the social media platforms and people can apparently exchange their needs. Another aspect involves a direct contact from an employer wherein any needful individual who has subscribed for the GBCORP newsletter can get relevant vacancy notifications and updates.

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