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At GBCORP, we always strive to deliver the best-in-class services to our customers. We provide opportunities to our members and visitors to collaborate and socialize, thus ensuring that their business revenues are generated at a fast pace. These opportunities have been proven to be a win-win situation for both the entities Service Providers and Clients. Our Elite Members have the freedom to connect with other members and offer their services within this network of businesses, thus increase the circle of influence for everyone in domestic and global markets.


GBCORP, through their enriched experiences and network, provides IT enabled solutions to businesses of various operational verticals with an extensive and client specific marketing services. We follow the ideology of laying down the customized blueprint for the future of the business thus enabling to market the business with a specific goal in vision. With a service team vastly experienced in different industry arenas, any business partnering with GBCORP will have the best in class service in this arena, along with bonus features such as:
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Product launches / Promotions
    • Lead Generation
    • Entry in GBCORP’s widespread E-commerce product listing
    • Priority in product display, listing and search results
    • Special Listing on GBCORP home page “Running Bar”
    • Special mention in GBCORP monthly newsletters to all the members and partners

Branding & Advertising

Along with the development of an executable marketing strategy for the business model and the business offerings, GBCORP offers services for aggressive advertising of the businesses of the clients and its ideology and vision. These customized strategies are developed on the basis of the large chunks of business data analytics generated by our team. The services may include:
    • Creating a new BRAND and develop full branding strategy to launch your new product / service
    • Revamping your existing business (for example completely new look to your website / logo, changes in your product mix and packaging etc.)



GBCORP is a renowned event organizing and management service provider. Our enthusiastic team is experienced in organizing and managing a variety of professional events such as:

  • Business conferences / meetings
  • Corporate AGMs and gatherings,
  • Trade fairs and product EXPOs
  • Annual Summits and post event gatherings
  • GBCORP exclusive annual Elite Members Summit

GBCORP can assist you with either taking up full responsibility of the events or by providing only the services that you choose, such as provide venue, arrange for the catering etc. Along with this we have our own business lounge in Bali, wherein clients can take up their corporate meetings or other corporate engagements for a fun-filled and memorable event. We work tirelessly towards our philosophy of providing our clients with an extra-ordinary event experiences.


IT Services

With the ever-increasing utilization and importance of social media in our lifestyle, providing assistance through IT based services has become somewhat mandatory for upcoming and established businesses. Our team is a good bunch of IT specialists dedicated to the task of setting up IT based assistance to businesses and an added task of digitally marketing the business or product as and when required. At GBCORP, we pride ourselves on helping your business to operate seamlessly. We invest time to understand your business and your current processes, identify and suggest new and target processes, growth goals and resolutions to conquer the business challenges. This allows us to help you identify the specific areas of your business in which our solutions can deliver and enhance seamless business processes, focusing on a maximized Return On Investment. GBCORP Managed IT Services include: (to name a few)

  • Hardware & Software Support
  • Network infrastructure
  • Website and App Development
  • Content Writing / Blogs / Social Media posts
  • Cyber Security
  • Network setup and security
  • Database management
  • Servers and storage management
  • VOIP services


Taxes & Accounting

While your business is fast-tracked and running successfully, there is a strong need of someone who can take care of the money matters behind the curtains. GBCORP has a strong foothold in the complex world of business accounting and taxation in, practically, any country in the world. These services vary for each customer, each business and in each operational country. We offer assistance to customers in dealing with all their issues related to direct and indirect taxes as well as accounting for the business specifically catered to the specific country.


Visa & Travel Assistance

For a foreigner sometimes it is a big challenge to do business globally without travelling or staying at the remote country without a legal status. Though a long and tedious process when viewed from an individual’s perspective, GBCORP pitches in for visa assistance to ensure your struggles and worries are minimized. Each country has its own visa process and we have a team which ensures that in addition to assisting with the visa process, your local travel from an airport to your accommodation is taken care of completely.



Any business has three typical phases that require a careful planning:
GBCORP has developed a range of services that our clients can pick and choose and customize, as per their business needs and vision.

A. Start a new business

For a new business vision to take shape into a fully fledged established business venture, requires the support of the best-in-class business services


b. establish new business

A business vision requires a customized business plan that is flexible enough to enter, sustain and expand in a brand new territory. GBCORP has catered to this business demand of various clients in different business scenarios.

c. run your business

With a global clientele forming a part of its portfolio, GBCORP is the most trusted partner to run your business assisted through IT based services.


GBCORP Verified Products

GBCORP, owing to the extensive established business network, has partnered with many low-cost countries to buy and sell the most economic products through GBCORP verified associates and partners without compromising on the quality. Our Elite Members can use the same network to showcase their Products to increase their revenue multifold in domestic and global markets.

Using the same trusted source, GBCORP E-Commerce, our clients can purchase quality products at the most reasonable rates from the reliable brands from within the GBCORP verified network.

GBCORP E-commerce is a huge marketplace where our members, business partners and sponsors showcase their products and garner potential prospects that end up purchasing their valued products at offered prices.

Buy Sell Products made easy on GBCORP Marketplace

Our members and partners receive weekly and monthly updates about different upcoming business opportunities, business trends, members’ featured products listings and when and where we can pitch in to help you grow.

An exclusive search engine at GBCORP helps you search millions of products and services through authentic and verified GBCORP associates, business sources and connections. This also helps our Elite Members upload their own products and services to this portal for better visibility and exposure and helps generate better revenues. GBCORP Search Engine is always under the continuous improvement cycle, where rigorous efforts are made to modify our search algorithms and always stay up to date with market trends, for domain based searching of products and services for providing an easy access to the required search to the individual.

Access the GBCORP Search Engine


With lots of upcoming businesses of different verticals, freelancers and experienced members work on specific projects as per their field of expertise and earn handsome commissions for the various roles that they perform upon. Be it helping to sell ready businesses, members bringing new members or as a service provider/freelancer, as long as they are connected to GBCORP, EVERYONE IS APPOINTED. Contact our team for guiding you through the process of working with GBCORP.