GBCORP’s Green Vision

Since the beginning GB corp has had the vision to create a sustainable future and Throughout the years, under the visionary leadership of our founder, GB corp has strategically planned and accumulated properties around the world to make this Vision a reality.

Economics of photovoltaic project

  • On an average 1 Megawatts solar farm project costs around $1 million.
  • The landmass required for such project is around 3 acres, however it is greatly influenced by the geography of the land and the efficiency of the panels.
  • Taking the factors into consideration, on an average 1 acre of land can be utilized for around 300 to 400 MW generating project.
  • The cost of setting up solar farm per acre starts around $600,000, however depending on the size of the project the space required and the quantity of panels required can affect the cost of installation.
  • Large scale projects require more space therefore economies of scale will apply.
  • Also taking into consideration there are many types of technologies in the photovoltaic Industry.
  • Some of the popular options are heterojunction panels, half cell panels and bifacial panel.
  • On an average the photovoltaic cells have an efficiency of 25-40%, however it is greatly affected by the amount of sunlight per square meter and also the intensity of the sunlight in particular area.
  • A 1 acre or 300 mw farm can power 200 households on an average.
  • GB Corp has accumulated landmass in countries like Usa, Canada, Australia, Turkey, Indonesia & India.


  • Solar energy is the future of Power Industry.
  • Much lower maintenance costs than the conventional fossil fuel alternatives.
  • Investment in a solar project is a lucrative option for potential investors who want a low risk investment for a long term with high returns as the need for energy is growing by the day & solar energy is the answer to this demand.

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