Grow with GBCORP

Become an Investor, Franchiser or Partner and Connect with GBCORP Global Network. One can be a silent partner, Physical partner or Wealth Partner to avail all share benefits as a GBCORP.

The Investor ↓


With GBCORP investing, performing and expanding in different countries, there is a huge opportunity for the investors and venture capitalists to invest in this popular business model. GBCORP performs in multiple arenas including service industry which is expected to grow tremendously in upcoming years. GBCORP largely targets three most necessary industries, where there is high certainty to provide attractive ROI.

  1. Food
  2. Health and Hygiene
  3. Services

Its ever-expanding business worldwide and with presence and foothold in several countries, GBCORP is reaping some unexpected profits in almost everywhere in the world through partners, investors, collaborators and agents. With its appreciating net-worth and a very strong position in the market, GBCORP has proven to be one of the best in terms of investment option for many forward looking investors to receive good return on investment. 

Moreover, GBCORP has developed a visionary projection with next 5 year, 10 year and 30 year planning to keep the assets and investments safe and strong. Always. GBCORP assists businesses and start-ups of multiple arenas. Investors do have an array of investment options to invest their money into.

GBCORP provides opportunities for investors based on their vested interests. There are investment programs in varied business verticals and of different terms and tenures that cater to the short term and long-term needs of the investors. Investing individuals and organizations can earn profits according to their set targets and can sell off investments to liquidize them when they wish to.

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Franchise ↓

Franchise with GBCORP

Grow a scalable, saleable GBCORP franchise that’s part of your local/global community.

Don’t have a strong business background? No problem. What really matters is your drive, enthusiasm and your strong focus on achieving great customer service. You do need to be qualified and eligible though, but GBCORP will help you with that. You’ll also receive all the training and support you need to grow a successful business backed by the GBCORP brand.

We want you to succeed. So, you’ll benefit from the full support of the GBCORP team to give your business a valuable head start.

You’ll enjoy professional local connections and marketing expertise. That’s on top of our continuous international advertising campaigns. You’ll also receive local leads from and ready-made marketing materials from us, to really get your business growing.

Grow with GBCORP

When you become a Franchisee at GBCORP, you own and operate your own region. You get your own territory to build your business in, as well as the support and backing of the GBCORP brand to help you grow. Right now, for a limited time* we’ve made it easier than ever. Ask about our:

• New available territories – we’ll even help you find the right site
• Reduced Franchise fees
• Increased commission structure (and our offer for the first 12 months)
• Contribution to business growth to help you get up and running faster
*Available until 31st October 2020.

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Partner ↓

Become a Partner

Another way to profit from GBCORP Business is by partnering with us. With multiple years of experience building the profitable brand, GBCORP has built an empire full of possibilities.

Become a Partner

GBCORP has a well developed portfolio of industry leading solutions and a subtly frame-worked “GBCORP Partner-Program” provides an opportunity to become a partner leading to a profitable partnership.

GBCORP partner could be one of the two types:

  • Business Partner: Also known as Profit Partner, who owns a certain percentage of GBCORP share and contribute in sowing and reaping profits.
  • Provider Partner: Provider Partner is a Service Provider. By signing up with GBCORP for a nominal service fees, Provider Partners are opening up all the doors of opportunities wide open. To its Provider Partners, GBCORP provides a true partnership which helps them win more customers with an exponential increase of revenue to their existing customer base. Regardless of the size of the company or industry vertical, we have the means to build, implement and support your business ideologies and processes along with providing the services that best fit your unique needs.

The benefits:

  • GBCORP direct referrals- increase in revenue multifold
  • Provider Partners can use GBCORP brand name/marks/logos for authenticity to develop their local/global business.
  • In addition, eligible for all the Members Benefits – Click here
  • Full-time access to GBCORP members database to advertising and marketing on GBCORP Home Page
  • Free publicity on GBCORP Newsletters, Magazines and other mediums
  • Free invitation to Global Partner’s Summit (including food and accommodation)

Being a partner at GBCORP provides you the access to exclusive marketing and sales tools, varied data analytics and business blueprints for future endeavors that are catered specific to your requirements.

GBCORP provides enormous amount of service data and assistance to its clients for a smooth business operation. Kindly contact us for guidance on the current and future Partnership opportunities and associations with GBCORP.

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