Pre Launching Offer

Worlds fastest and growing global business based Crypto

At GBCORP, we believe in providing our clientele with the best advanced way of payments using decentralized platform.
Our Crypto coin GBC would be the alternative option to trade for your international business needs.


Available on all BPC20 or BSC framework enabled wallets.


Invest with GBC and earn upto 15% on stable coin.


Available to use across all GBCORP network. Pay for all your business needs.


Swap with all cryptocurrency available on all BSC platforms.

Reward Programs

Earn up to


Invest as an investors for a year and earn up to 15% on your total investments.

Earn up to


Invest as an investors for a quarter and earn up to 3% on your total investments.

Invest on a Stable GBC and earn rewards

Advanced Trading

– Buy -Sell business globally
– Register new business anywhere in the world
– Import – Export of products made easy
across all GBCRP network
– Pay for all your business needs across all GBCORP network

Modern Approach

– Most stable GBC
– Supported with 30 m wallets
– A unique payment solution using decentralized platform
– Easily send and receive irrespective of the country
– Seamless crypto payments for your business needs

Accelerate the way to do business

Powered by most advanced block chain based cryptocurrency the future of digital mode of doing business. 

Import-Export and growth become more digital and faster.

Terms and conditions for using cryptocurrency. Be wise before purchasing