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The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in IT Services

Flooded on the internet are ‘n’ articles on the boon and bane of artificial intelligence (AI). Though we know that the new AI can help humans with an easy and quick decision-making process based on large volumes of data, experts are still analyzing the two extremes of this new technology. As far as information technology (IT) is concerned, the impact of AI is predominantly on one side. Fortunately, it’s on the good side! 

This article elaborates on how growing AI technology has and will influence the IT industry.  

General applications of AI to the information technology field

Industry experts have identified a few IT areas in which AI technology can do wonders. Data analysis, predictive analytics, data modeling, customer support, cybersecurity, trend generation, etc. are some of the notable areas of AI application. 

The major rise of AI in the growth of IT services

Over the years, IT infrastructure has taken leaps and bounds to satisfy the growing needs of organizations. When IT needs become more complicated and sophisticated, the intervention of AI is considered to be of great use. At present, IT services, with the support of AI, can serve a dynamic information technology outlook.

Given below is a list of remarkable AI contributions:

  1. IT Process automation
  2. Data management
  3. Service management
  4. Quality assurance
  1. IT Process automation

We all know how process automation has been transforming various industries. Imagine the power and fruitful results when this process automation merges with the machine intelligence that AI tools excel at. Truly, the day is not far! Companies are going to compete with each other for more advanced IT-automated processes. 

  1. Data management

Data management is an ocean of opportunities as respect to AI is concerned. Data collection, data privacy, data minimization, data storage, data anonymization, data transparency, and other kinds of functions are pretty effortless with the rise of synergy that combines artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

  1. Service management

The rise of artificial intelligence has evolved companies in the way they track their user behaviors, utilize resources efficiently and effectively, make actionable suggestions, and make service deliveries swiftly. In an organization, these improvements will lead to overall service and operational process improvement. 

  1. Quality assurance

Since AI can analyze, determine, and perform repetitive tasks, it can contribute a lot to quality assurance. From application testing to defect analysis, from efficient analysis to social media analysis, AI helps reduce human effort. 

AI-powered IT infrastructure in Workplaces

Apart from the myth that AI tools are going to replace humans for many roles, AI as a technology has offered huge benefits to humans in workplaces. Human brains can start focusing on more cognitive tasks than performing monotonous tasks like one another day. Isn’t it a great opportunity for humans to squeeze the best out of their brains? 

Well, human brains are a hundred times more intelligent than machines. Thus, with AI-integrated information systems, let’s challenge ourselves with our competencies and abilities to invent more wonders.  


Most people misunderstand that AI has been growing only in recent years. But the hard truth is that its inception began in the 1950s, when scientists thought about whether a machine could think. From then to now, we have watched this technology grow.

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