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Sustainable Energy: Is it Worth Your Investment?

The term ‘sustainable energy’ is not new to us. Scientists and environmentalists have been insisting on this term for a few decades now. And people are gradually becoming aware of the competitive edge of this green energy over non-renewable and environment-affecting energy systems. Well, how about investors? As a business owner or a venture capitalist, this term has been attractive for a century now. Yes, you read that right; it’s almost a century. The only difference is that—earlier, only a few investors were attracted. But now, more investors are ready for it!

If you’re a newly impressed investor looking to vest a lot of money in this sustainable energy, then don’t worry. We will clear up your dilemma and help you make a solid decision.  

Why is it worth investing in sustainable energy businesses?

  1. The world is facing a paradigm shift
  2. Your investment need not go into one basket
  3. If not a leader, at least a participant 
  4. Big giants are in the market 
  1. The world is facing a paradigm shift

Temperatures are increasing day by day. And this increased temperature has worsened global warming rates by two degrees Celsius in a year. Thus, countries have begun their paradigm shift toward sustainable and green energy that does not harm ‘Mother Earth’ by any means. This has completely led to the fall of fossil fuel or non-renewable sources’ dependency on energy generation. In other words, the market opportunity for investors in the sustainable energy field has drastically improved. Apart from environmental factors, it is ultimately a great business opportunity.  

  1. Your investment need not go into one basket

Being an investor in the renewable energy sector or sustainable energy businesses, you have no compulsion to disburse all your money to one company, business, or industry. You have numerous investment options in terms of products, services, business models, sourcing and supply, regions, etc. In the initial phase, you can invest in a particular area and then expand it horizontally and vertically based on your experience, capability, and opportunities. Why is sustainable energy our future? Explains GBCrop!

  1. If not a leader, at least a participant 

From developed to developing nations, all countries are investing in sustainable energy businesses. Did you know? According to a UN environment program report, in the last decade, to our surprise, China was the largest investor and not the United States. Taking only non-hydroelectric renewable energy into consideration, China had vested more than seven hundred billion, whereas the US had vested only about three hundred and fifty billion and Japan had vested only about two hundred billion. So, even if you ain’t the leader, countries are ready to participate in the competition irrespective of their position or status quo. 

  1. Big giants are in the market

Irrespective of the size of your investment in the renewable sector, you must be proud. From small venture capitalists to big corporate giants, many of them are in the market. Not just to reap the benefits of the booming opportunities but to contribute to clean energy systems on a global level.   To mention:

  • ‘Walmart’ has associated with ‘Schneider Electric’ to help vendors source renewable energy under the project ‘Gigaton’. This project aims to eliminate one gigaton of CO2 from Walmart’s global value chain.
  • Apple has invested in the largest onshore wind turbines to become 100% carbon neutral. The pilot project was achievable in 2018, and now the company aims to incorporate it into its entire supply chain and product lifecycle. 

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We hope this piece of article has brought you some clarity toward investing in sustainable energy businesses. If you have more questions, please drop them in our comments section below.  

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