Business Establishment

B. Establish New Business

A business vision requires a customized business plan that is flexible enough to enter, sustain and expand in a brand new territory. GBCORP has catered to this business demand of various clients in different business scenarios. With a team that is motivated to fuel your business and achieve the desired business goals in a short span of time with minimum resources, GBCORP forms the most reliable partner to establish your business. The services may include: licensing and government approvals, accounts setup, staff hire, emails and servers setup, visiting cards, accounting software, taxation etc. to name a few.

Business Establishment Services You can Choose From

Buy Readymade Business

Buy a ready and fully established business in the country of your choice.

Buy – Sell Ready made Businesses, Shelf Companies, Old and Active Companies worldwide Diverse Portfolio. Click here to Access limitless Possibilities.

Establish your Business

Every Brand New Business or Registered Business Needs Business Establishment Services.

Browse following all services specially crafted for your Business Establishment Needs.

Or Opt in to Select From our Range of Ready Made Businesses

Diverse Portfolio of Companies '1 year to 20 years Old'

At GBCORP, we provide all Businesses in full Compliance and in good standing

Supplied Documents

- Certificate of Incorporation
- Memorandum of Company Incorporation
- Article of Association
- Share Certificates
- Combined Register
- Members Register
- Digital copies of all documents
- Attested Copies of all documents

Add On Services

- Tax and Accounting
- Change Business registration Name
- Registered Office Address
- International Phone Numbers
- Call answering services
- Mail and Cargo handling
- Business Secretory
- Business Bank Account
- Nominee Shareholder

Things We Care

- Smooth Hassle-free process
- Customised Incorporation
- Documents Handling
- Timely manner
- Share Sell- Purchase Agreement
- Easy Process from your Native Country
- Electronic transfer
- Immediate Availability

Are you an Existing Business Owner Boost Up your Business Needs with our These Premium Services


For a new business vision to take shape into a fully fledged established business venture, requires the support of the best-in-class business services provider.


With a global clientele forming a part of its portfolio, GBCORP is the most trusted partner to run your business assisted through IT based services.