Taxes and Accounting

While your business is fast-tracked and running successfully, there is a strong need of someone who can take care of the money matters behind the curtains. GBCORP has a strong foothold in the complex world of business accounting and taxation in, practically, any country in the world. These services vary for each customer, each business and in each operational country. We offer assistance to customers in dealing with all their issues related to direct and indirect taxes as well as accounting for the business specifically catered to the specific country.

Let us handle your Money matters

  • Book Keeping Services
  • Financial Services
  • Add or Remove Shareholder to your business
  • Act as a registered agent in the government institution
  • File monthly / quarterly / half yearly / annually taxes on behalf of the company
  • Clear invoices and settle Vat / Tax needs
  • For Import-Export and Custom clearance support
  • Generate monthly wedges and update to government for your employee needs
  • Business Name change services
  • Document Legalization
  • Business Good standing certificate