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Projection 2020

What a fantastic start to the year 2019!

It has just been only few days in January and our business researchers, at GBCORP have already cracked the code:

Where is the Business World going this year?

After strict contemplation with the facts from the research results, GBCORP has derived their vision called “Projection 2020” and have formulated some key updates in the way we work with our clients and do business.

According to the vision guidelines of “Projection 2020”, GBCORP has made a progressive plan that is aimed to be executed by year 2020. A few of them are ready to be used now, as we speak. Here we go:

  • Opening of new world headquarter in a premium holiday location – announcements to be made soon
  • Grant of premium memberships to our elite clients worldwide with wider offerings now
  • Offering “Free” invitations to our premium members to quarterly business socializing events per year. Total four free events. Biggest announcement this year. (You can call this a business + leisure trip)
  • Providing “business presentation opportunity” per member, during the event, where each client can pitch and sell their products to the world business community.
  • Free facilities usage for our premium clients during the socializing events. Amenities such as
    • Trade show hall
    • Business conference meeting rooms
    • Luxury rooms for stay with family/solo (stay included for premium members)
    • Premium restaurants (food included for premium members)
    • Unlimited access to facilities like swimming pool, gymnasium, disco and pub
  • “Sip-and-work” Coffee lounges in major airports / cities across the world. Free access for the premium members
  • Many more exciting engagements while you are on this business + leisure trip with family or solo.

When thinking about the future of business, it is instructive to look back. We have come a long way ,in terms of hundreds of new customers coming onboard with us, GBCORP has moved from inside-out, where we build our clients’ business on core strengths to conquer adjacencies. In the past, nearly all the businesses were run by the organizations on their own; now most businesses need collaboration and are sourced from the outside using an approach called “connect and develop.” At GBCORP, our whole model is based on this approach as well as few more mentioned below..

Reverse Innovation

Globalization and outsourcing have led to “reverse innovation.” The world is no longer a one-way outsourcing street moving from West to East. While the West still exports many high-end products and services to developing nations (and still sources cheap labor), innovations in emerging markets are now flowing back to the West as well. This is happening with Brazil, China, and India across such diverse fields as biofuels, IT, and medicine. This new trend is creating fantastic new opportunities for the local companies to go global. GBCORP stands at your disposal in making such new collaborations, establishing your global footprints and networking you in such East-West collaboration meets.

Quantum Innovation

Our research shows that out-of-the box thinking that is disruptive to competitors and even the company itself. The paradigm shift seldom fits the ancient business model. Everyone, now increasingly need a right partner. That is where GBCORP comes in picture. It usually starts with a very broad sense of purpose and audacious goals, such as desire to organize the world’s knowledge or desire to make electric cars commonplace. This is what entrepreneurs excel at. i.e. COLLABORATE.

New Organizational Forms

The traditional 9-to-5, Monday-through-Friday work environment is considered dinosaurian now and is giving way to many new organizational forms. We now see virtual companies; mobile offices; flexi hours; contracted staffs; internal and external networked partnerships; and companies that spin off new startups. Other new forms include ambidextrous organizations, which can focus on existing business while also keeping an eye on creating new business extensions or markets, and front-to-back companies, which place the customer at the center of all of their activities. GBCORP coaches you and your new business to benefit from this new trend.

Harvesting Mistakes

Many breakthroughs came out of a sequence of mistakes or failures. Clearly, not all mistakes are bad; many are portals of discovery. GBCORP, over the period of years, has adopted a more tolerant mindset about mistakes which had opened the way for testing new processes and projects, which is benefitting our clients tremendously.

History offers a few key lessons about how to wield “Projection 2020” weapon in the future: 

  • The world is a big place: don’t limit yourself to just doing it on your own. Choose a right partner.
  • Aim high: otherwise, the incremental business competition can cause you to miss out on breakthrough opportunities.
  • Experiment with new business territories worldwide. Allow us to show you the beacon.
  • Go Global: With GBCORP’s all-round offerings, there is no limit to how much you can spread your wings.

Take away from Projection 2020:

To keep up the pace with the world of business that is changing at breakneck speed, “Business Collaboration with GBCORP” becomes an organization’s most important weapon.

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