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Ready Made Company Formation – Business Owning Made Easy

We have seen in the previous blogs that setting up a new company can be a time-consuming and tedious task. There are several factors that come into play such as learning and understanding the laws of the land, buying a land for the office, and hiring an expert company to get the legal legwork done for you. What if there is an option to cut out the trouble of the incorporation of a company? Many aspiring entrepreneurs are turning their attention towards buying a ready made company, knowing fully the complexities of starting a new venture in an already frail global economy.

We, at GB Corp, offer ready made companies for sale. We ensure these companies have all the required documentation performed under the banner of an owner, mostly a director of the company. When you buy the company, we help transfer legal ownership smoothly, and take the hassle out of tedious documentation and time-consuming filing. We take care of all the required formalities.

The biggest advantage of buying a ready made company is that you already gain access to scores of customers the company would already have, and penetration to new geographies hitherto unexplored due to the already existing clientele base and established market presence. Marketing costs can come down drastically as a result, as you can bank on a time-tested and proven business model.

We always keep track of companies looking for new owners. We already have a ready database of registered companies for sale. This will completely lower the hassle of establishing a newer firm, and chasing down tedious documentation processes for the same.

When it comes to the drawbacks of purchasing a ready made company, you cannot alter the name of the company to suit your preference. Therefore, even if you don’t like the brand name, for instance, you need to settle with it anyways. Secondly, if you are not the most comfortable with the company’s employee structure, you need to get the issue fixed by the Board of Directors of the company which again is a hassle.

If you are looking to purchase a ready made company with us to eliminate the hassle out of incorporating a new company, improve operational efficiencies and expand your existing client base, just give us a shout.

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