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How to make your business stand out when listing for sale?

A well-crafted ad strategy is the key if you’re looking to list your business for sale. Ever wondered why your ad posting or listing of business for sale is not yielding the desired results? While one of the factors obviously can be selection of the wrong ad marketing platform, a common reason that is often overlooked is how well you’ve crafted the message itself.  Well, practically speaking, a badly positioned ad message in conveying the brand’s message can do more harm than good. If you think excessive use of jargon, technical details and pushy sales message can do the trick, think again, because this blog will educate you on the specific attributes that a ‘business for sale’ ad must have in order to increase visitor engagement and reach a wider pool of potential business buyers online.

# The more specific your ad is in terms of business location, the more likely you’ll receive targeted response to it. Therefore, filter it to the exact location to attract local buyers.

# It is said that over a third of business buyers often search ads by the right category.  Therefore, group your ad by first specifying the primary category leading to the secondary category and so on. Avoid more than two categories per ad in any case.

# Key financial indicators including price and cash flow can encourage serious buyers to land up on your business ad. May be help buyers touch base with you, and complete the sales cycle without any hassle.    

# Which headline do you think will be more impactful: “popular restaurant’ or ‘profitable burger restaurant in red hot market of Austin Texas”? The second ad headline flashes light on the USP of the business for sale which is more likely to attract the eyeballs of active buyers. Did you notice that it also location-specific?

# Integrating images or an explainer video of a business is a proven strategy to enhance sales or conversions; a ‘business for sale’ ad is in no way different from it. Test it out with different ad images and videos, if possible.

# Financing can be the single-most obstacle to buying a business. Seller-financed businesses are more likely to convert than those that aren’t.  This means that the ad should highlight that the owner is ready to partly finance the business.

# Well-positioned ads elicit qualified leads from targeted customer base within 24 hours of listing or posting the ad. Ensure you respond to the enquiries of prospective buyers without any delay or else you’re missing out on a golden opportunity to convert.

# Finally, measure, review and improve your ad message and positioning every time until you get the intended response. 

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