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How to Establish a Profitable Business in Dubai

We all know that Dubai is renowned for its tourism. But, despite its monumental sightseeing and luxury resort stays, people in the business network extend their love to this city. Because the city is one of the rapidly growing international centers for entrepreneurship, trade, technology, and innovation, As various industries and the population grow together at the same pace, opportunities remain within the city. And the people are ready to work for industrial growth, thereby developing their city’s economy.

Starting a Business in Dubai

Believe it or not, you can kick-start a business in Dubai in less than a week. Yes, according to the Ministry of Economy in the UAE, the process of establishing your business is the same in all seven emirates. And Dubai being one, you can start your business in 4–7 days. 

Here are a few offline ways for you to apply for a business license in Dubai:

  • As an entrepreneur, you can submit your application to the legal office of the Department of Economic Development in Dubai and wait for their approval and license. 
  • As an investor, you can apply through third-party companies or agencies providing business establishment services. 

In case you want to proceed with your application in digital mode, digital platforms are available. They will process your application, review the necessary documents online, and approve the license in a couple of minutes. 

However, the documentation remains the same. You can include the following details in your application for a commercial or business license: 

  • Location in which you’re going to establish your business
  • The nature of business
  • Fee payment receipt or authentication 

Starting a Profitable Business in Dubai

Now that you know how to obtain a commercial license and launch your business in Dubai, you’ve got to think about making it profitable. Fortunately, Dubai has countless profitable business ideas and opportunities. Some of the profitable industries or services in Dubai include:

  • Food, beverages, or restaurant
    • When tourism is promising, so is the food business.
    • Based on your financing, choose among these variations: Cafes, unique dining, and food trucks.  
  • Hospitality for tourists
    • Tour agencies, resorts, hotels, and homestays
  • Automotive services
    • Luxury car hire services, vehicle repair services, car rentals, or dealers
    • The technicians and automotive facilities here are top-notch.
  • IT or technology services
    • Notably, Dubai is transforming itself to be the world’s smartest city, thereby encouraging technology integration in every business or industry.
    • IoT, cyber security, GPS, etc
  • Retail chain in beauty and arts
    • With high-income people living in the city, you can launch your retail chain and scale up to other emirates. 
    • Retail sales in beauty, arts, and crafts will be more profitable. 
  • E-commerce
    • Lately, people in Dubai are becoming digitally savvy. Hence, they are looking for more personalized online shopping experiences.
    • Online retail or business.
  • Digital marketing or consultancy
    • When businesses are ready to compete online, you can become their savior. 
    • Social media marketing, Outreach, Content marketing, Search engine marketing, email marketing, etc
  • Real estate or property management
    • With millions of tourist footprints in the city, tourism is flourishing more than ever before.
    • Buy or sell consulting, property management services, and real estate rentals.   
  • Event planning
    • Wedding, corporate, government, and tourist customer event planning and coordination
  • Healthcare services
    • The increasing population and tourist visitors to the city have forced healthcare to become one of the most highly demanding services in the city.  
    • Solve the problem of healthcare services shortage by establishing healthcare centers, clinics, hospitals, rejuvenation centers, in-patient hospitality, etc.
  • Language services
    • With a huge group of international residents and business investors flying to and from Dubai, you can establish a language-based service provider.
    • Language training, translation, and interpretation services

Welcome to the “City of Gold!”With government policies, financing companies, investors, customers, technologies, facilities, and opportunities already in place, as an entrepreneur, you must immediately plunge in and establish your business or brand in Dubai!   

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