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How do you sell your business with GBCORP?

Nothing great or even big has been achieved in this world, especially in business, without a sound idea. Therefore, if you’ve got a great business or startup idea, but new to the corporate side of things—however disruptive the idea may sound to you and others—may still have to wait in order to get initiated and keep going. And then comes the legalities, and you need to ensure you’re properly registered with the required authorities.  You’ll also need to consider your preferred location in mind—remember startup rules tend to vary across different geographies.

What is a readymade company?
Readymade companies, on the other hand, are built to reduce the gulf between product or service and market. It paves the way to establish your business faster in the marketplace. These readymade companies are also termed shelf companies. They are in essence the shell of a former company that has long ceased trades, complete with the required registrations and an extensive history of limited company. GBCORP provides great deals on readymade companies, with packages that cater to different sizes and a pedigree of reputable names in different industry areas.

A readymade company gives you a headstart in the marketplace. When time is such a precious commodity, it offers businesses the leeway to expand rapidly. In this extremely competitive business space, it can prove too expensive when you fail to take advantage of a dynamic marketplace.

How do you sell your business with GBCORP?
Before you sell your business with GBCORP, make sure you answer the following questions:

  • Has your company remained dormant for a while but with no appreciable activity?
  • Has your company made profits, but now ready to call it a day?
  • Do you have any personal reasons to sell your company?  
  • Is your company making profits, and you would like to make the most of it?
  • Do you want to capitalize on your wide user base or customer net?
  • Do you think traditional advertising and marketing techniques are leading you nowhere?

GBCORP represents an optimum medium for selling your company. Our experts will guide you through the entire process of selling including the following:

  • Confirming the quality of your company with good standing through the maintenance of filing of tax returns, accounts and reinstatement
  • Providing the valuations and due diligence
  • Liaising with the parties involved for the timely completion of the sales and purchase process.

GBCORP offers regular sale of shelf companies that are fully incorporated with complete business set-up process for different businesses or trades in a slew of industry verticals. Looking to sell your existing company in quick time? Simply give us a shout.

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