Visa Assistance

For a foreigner sometimes it is a big challenge to do business globally without travelling or staying at the remote country without a legal status. Though a long and tedious process when viewed from an individual’s perspective, GBCORP pitches in for visa assistance to ensure your struggles and worries are minimized. Each country has its own visa process and we have a team which ensures that in addition to assisting with the visa process, your local travel from an airport to your accommodation is taken care of completely.

To Register a new business or to buy ready business you do not need a visa GBCORP can act on your behalf to fulfill all your requirements with just a Power of Attorney.


Different types of Visas for your need.

Business Visa / Visit Visa / Tourist Visa

Why you need this Visa?

  • To Register your Business and its requirements
  • To apply for a bank account
  • To Visit your Business
  • To attend business conferance
  • To sign official documents
  • To Search and understand business possibilities in the country
  • For Legal Advice
  • Residance Permit / Working Permit

    Why you need this visa?

  • To Stay in the country and perform different business activities for the long time
  • To avail all the rights as a local citizen and expand your business scope in the competitive market
  • Invite your dependents and family members to stay with you and support in your business expansion
  • With holding a valid Working Permit allow you to easily stay and work in the company to give it a new direction everyday
  • Without obtaining a valid working permit it is impossible to work even for your own business.