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Is Poland a Suitable Place to Buy a Business?

Poland’s economy is known for its unique contribution from various industries. The service sector becomes the major contributor, followed by the industrial sector and agriculture. It follows a mixed economy and is highly industrialized compared to other European countries.

With its strong and stable economy, Poland has turned into one of the best countries to invest in. As well, you can witness the growth of businesses in no time. Yes, it is such a fast-growing economy. Here we have listed the top five reasons for buying a business in Poland.

5 Reasons Why You Need to Buy Business in Poland

  1. By geography, Poland is at the heart of the European continent. It has seven other countries on its borders. And the Polish market is more powerful than you can imagine. Poland has been trading and serving majorly to countries in Central-Eastern Europe. It makes Poland the only country to largely trade domestically in the EU.

Hence, when you buy a business in Poland, your company has the opportunity to serve a huge customer base.

  1. Transport is a crucial factor that matters to any business. And transportation in Poland is in great condition. Thus aiding trade to a greater extent.

Not only road and rail, but air and waterways are also highly sophisticated. What else the businesses in Poland need?

  1. Poland’s population has touched ~38 million. The people are highly qualified and have become the most wanted talents. Believe it or not, there exists a brand for a few talents in the country. The programmers, IT developers, and illustration designers have extraordinary brand value across the globe.

If you’re buying a business in Poland, then your company can hire the best resources with great competencies.

  1. The Polish government has taken leaps and bounds to grow its economy. How?
    1. Poland is a part of the EEA (European Economic Area)
    2. Several government grants
    3. Construction of many industrial and technology parks
    4. Development of Polish Investment Zone or Special Economic Zones (SEZs)
    5. Various tax benefits and grants to investors
    6. Cash grants for research and development (R&D)
    7. Real-Estate Tax (RETAX) exemption (Applies only for new business investments)
  1. Poland has a long list of profitable business ideas. Some of the top ones include:
    1. IT services
    2. Business Consultancy
    3. e-commerce or online stores
    4. Social media influencer
    5. Restaurant
    6. Event management services
    7. Old-age or senior citizen home

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