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How to Develop a Website From Scratch? 

As the economy grows, opportunities grow. As the opportunities grow, businesses in the country take longer steps than usual. And the best way each company or business can communicate it to the world is through its website. 

Here we help you understand the steps you must know to develop your website from scratch. Hope this helps you to transform your business digitally!

7 Steps For Website Development From Scratch

  1. Identify the goal of your website
    1. Define the goal
      1. Every business has its objectives and goals. Based on the business goals, the goals of the website are defined. It could be lead generation, conversion, or anything that matters to your business.  
    2. Prepare a checklist
      1. Break down your website goal into multiple objectives.
      2. Prepare a checklist to get your website published.
  2. Research your competitors 
    1. Take inspirations
      1. Understand what your competitors are communicating through their websites, what are their website goals, etc
      2. Compare the research insights with your website goals.
    2. Plan your digital strategy
      1. Identify what will work for your business digitally.
      2. Draft a website plan or roadmap.
  3. Pick the right ones
    1. Choose a perfect domain
      1. Domain names are one of the critical components of your website. So choose wisely.
      2. It has to be friendly to your customers and the search engines. 
    2. Choose the right website builder, platform, and tools
      1. Study well before relying upon a particular plug-and-play tool. 
      2. Or hand your website to the best website developers or website development agencies in the market. 
  4. Design your website
    1. Prepare a wireframe
      1. Ensure your website design aligns with your goal, brand, and the products/ services of your business.
    2. Work on branding (Color, font, tone, etc)
      1. Brand elements are as important as your business. Because without a unique brand, you can’t position your business in the minds of your target audiences.
  5. Develop content for your website
    1. Website content
      1. Start developing broader, deeper, and keyword-rich content for your website. 
    2. Web copy
      1. Write attractive and compelling web copies to catch hold of your website visitors.
  6. Develop your website
    1. Front-end
      1. Create a perfect design, user interface, and functionalities for your website.
    2. Back-end
      1. Integrate the right CMS, databases, etc to maintain your website data.
  7. Optimize your website
    1. Search engine friendly
      1. Make your website search engine friendly so that you top the SERP on google, bing, etc. 
    2. Mobile friendly
      1. With the increasing usage of mobile phones, tablets, and iPads, businesses are bound to keep their website mobile friendly.  
  8. Looks time-consuming and complicated to you? Take help from us!

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