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Grow Your Business Multifold

One of the top learnings that GBCorp had acquired over the period of a decade is the “Importance of building relationships”.

Building relationships “must” become one of the most important components of any business. If your network is a kilometer wide and only a foot deep, it’s not strong. We at GBCorp has devised a term “Social capital” which is as vital for the business as the financial capital. Most companies invest a lot of energy in raising, investing in and growing their “financial capital” to grow the assets. But very little they know, that relationships are very much the same.

One the top mottos of GBCorp is to bring people together and make them socialize and fulfill their mutual best interests.  GBCorp connect with people and make them connect on a common social platform to fulfil the philosophy of “Givers Gain”. The quarterly socializing events that GBCorp host, not only provide a reason for vacationing, it also bestows a stage to the new and existing entrepreneurs to present and showcase their product in front of the global community. On this common platform, everyone wins.

GBCorp Networking Fundamentals

GBCorp host “The Networking Party” at famous tourist locations across the global every quarter. In this event, the word “NETWORKING” is at its core. This business platform invites and pulls the most successful, elite and highly credited businessmen/women from across the globe. At the same time, it also hosts newbies and startups, who get an incredible opportunity to share the stage with those elite ones. These new and enthusiastic entrepreneurs can present their fantastic products and services to those already established seekers, who are willing to buy them.

Here is a breakdown of what you can do while you are at “The Networking Party”.

  1. Present your product and/or services

This quarterly event known as “The Networking Party” is hosted at well know tourist locations quarterly, every year. Every participant is given an opportunity to actually “showcase” their product/services and “pitch” an effective presentation in the given time slot. It cannot get better then this for a business enthusiast, to have the biggest buyers on the same platform and get to show their products to them live.

  1. Be Social

You want your network to include quality business professionals who have a positive, supportive attitude. You also want people who are good at what they do and are interested in your products and services. Don’t you? Then, this networking event is the best opportunity to socialize and get the business deals on the spot or later at your convenience.

  1. Share stories

During your presentation and afterwards, for the rest of the days, you can share your success stories and your journey with various new business friends that you have made during the event. The testimonials that we receive every year have claimed that the business friendships they have created during these events, have lasted for many years now, as we speak.

  1. Add people to your network

There is a dramatic correlation between the size of a business community people that you know and your sales volume. The products and services that you sell is a squared multiple of the actual number of people in your network. As you begin to build your own network of relationships, keep in mind that the more, the better.

So, where are you going for your next holiday? We recommend that you make it worth, by getting some business deals also, while you vacation in  your next Bali trip. What say?

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