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Green energy: What do you need to know?

Green energy is energy that’s produced from renewable sources and that does not harm the environment. Some prime renewable sources include the sun, water, wind, and earth.

Now, aren’t energy produced from renewable sources called renewable energy? So, are renewable energy and green energy one and the same? Then what does clean energy mean?

Green Energy Vs Renewable Energy Vs Clean Energy 

Though these terms mentioned above are in use interchangeably, they are not similar. 

  1. All green energy may be renewable energy. But, not all renewable energy could be green energy.
    For example: Take large hydropower plants.  Water, a renewable natural resource is the major source of power generation. But, during production, the plant emits greenhouse gases. As well as, forests get destroyed to establish such huge plants. Thus, they are renewable but not green energy. 

With small-scale hydropower generation, we could see little or no emissions. Hence, they fall under the green energy category.

  1. All green energy may be clean energy. But, not all clean energy could be renewable energy.
    For example: Take nuclear energy. Because of decarbonization, it does not release any pollutants into the air. Yet, it is not referred to as clean energy. Why? It uses uranium as its fuel which is a non-renewable source.

Altogether, green energy is clean energy obtained from 100% venerable energy sources. Hence, they are one of the major sources of sustainable energy. A brief on green energy business opportunities >>>

Renewable energy is obtained from renewable natural resources. Whilst production, some are clean and some are polluting the atmosphere. Know the future of renewable energy >>>

Clean energy is one that does not release any sort of pollutants or greenhouse gases into the air.

Green Energy Across The Nations

According to WHO, ~13 million deaths occur globally due to environmental issues like air pollution. This brings the need for a renewable energy resource that leads to green energy.

The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) of the United States understood the significance a decade ago. Hence, they launched a program called  Green Power Partnership (GPP). It encourages companies towards green energy and zero emission or carbon footprint.

Developing nations like India have also taken green energy more seriously. Yes, today, they have the fourth-largest capacity to produce wind power worldwide. Also, they rank third in total renewable energy production capacity globally. At the same time, they are upgrading to the third position globally in solar photovoltaics.

Ultimate Payoff 

The fortune of green energy greatly hinges upon two important factors:

  1. How people welcome & express willingness 
  2. How the government opens up new market opportunities  

As “Green energy is limitless. Without cost/investment, it may become limited”

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