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GBCORP Electric Mobility Program (GBCEMP)

This blog post will give you a glimpse of how GBCorp entered the renewable energy space and its three electric mobility programs. 

How did the journey in the renewable energy space begin?

Though established in 1998 as an IT firm, GBCorp has made endeavors in multiple fields, including real estate, imports, and exports. Since its inception, the founder and CEO of the company, Mr. Gaurav Bhatia, has been revolutionary and visionary in his thinking. Businesses across the globe knew GBCorp for the established and successful business ecosystem it created through the GBCorp Business Membership Program. 

However, over the last few years, the founder has been apprehensive about the growing concerns about climate change due to global warming. Thus, they initiated the planning of various strategies that promote renewable and sustainable energy, which is considered a key for the future. 

Notably, the company has been accumulating landmasses across nations to set up green energy farms that engage in solar, hydro, or wind energy systems. Also, they stepped into the mobility sector, where the current transportation systems rely heavily on fossil fuels. Certainly, the internal combustion engines that maximum vehicles can deliver only two parts of momentum for every ten parts vested in. Hence, the company took the plunge to revolutionize the way commutations work with the power of electric vehicles. 

GBCorp’s Electric Mobility Programs and Their Outlook

  1. GB TORQ

Download the detailed blueprint for GBCEMP here


Having understood the reality of Africa being still a developing continent, GBCorp realized there were more chances for new ideas and products to enter their market. So, they underwent research and surveys across African countries on their modes of transportation. Fortunately, two-wheelers ranked at the top. Thus, the company planned to launch the electric motorcycle ‘GB TORQ’, which can largely reduce its carbon footprint.  

This electric motorcycle targets 70 to 80% of the daily hustlers. The company plans to launch this electric vehicle in all major cities and countries in Africa by the end of this year. In 2025, they plan to acquire the central African market by establishing a distribution network. In 2026, they might penetrate the South African market, perhaps. 

Why does the GB TORQ stand out from other two-wheelers?

It has two variants based on the motor (3000W and 5000W)
It has a sturdy chassis made up of aluminium frame
It can ​​accommodate up to three passengers due to longer seats
It has a dual-suspension setup and increased ground clearance
The wheels possess higher tensile strength
The tires are 2.75/R17 41P
Importantly, they have swappable lithium batteries (80AH and 120AH) and a high-torque middle motor placement for carrying capacity
Their brake system is marvelous: Disc, ABS, and CBS
And they have two charging types: Standard (full charge in 5 hours) and hypercharge (full charge in 80 minutes)


GBX is aimed at targeting riders and enthusiasts globally. It is not just an electric motorcycle but an extremely powerful experience with three modes of driving: Max Range, Performance, and Hyperdrive. Hence, they call it the ‘beast of an elite ride’.  

With minimal design and futuristic elements, they possess almost all the elements of GB TORQ. The only difference is in its

Motor variants (8000W and 15000W)
The frame is made up of recycled aluminium to reduce carbon footprint
The tires are 4.00-17 Front, Rear 5.00-15
The hypercharge (80% in 30 minutes)
It is integrated with a mobile app for real-time tracking

The company is about to launch this in many countries by the end of this year. By 2025, they plan to grab at least 30% of the market share in the premium electric motorcycle segment. In 2026, they have a plan for its launch in the metaverse. 


The company intends to establish top-class electric vehicle charging stations with all amenities in most countries. As people are ready and comfortable spending more time during the charging of their vehicles at fast food restaurants, the company expects to launch GB Cafe at every charging station planned. After launching these GB HYPERCHARGE stations, they plan to make these stations self-sustainable by enabling solar in the systems. 


The GBCEMP application will be integrated into all these programs so that the company can record the impact it creates in terms of reducing the carbon footprint and making transportation systems environment-friendly. 

Join the efforts of GBCorp to bring about a bright future for our upcoming generations!

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