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Are you looking to sell your business Internationally? Here’s how.

The world is a global village, and rightly so, globalization changed the very face of how business is done, back in the late 90’s and the beginning of the 21st century. The world didn’t seem to go into a shell and sulk over the failure of the dot com bubble. Neither did the world complain much about an economic crisis that rocked the first decade of the new century. Such were the ways with a globalized world with ease of connectivity, transportation, global market place and sharing of talents and resources. The barriers to entering new markets overseas were reduced by 10x times. 

The rise of the Internet connected the world with just a few clicks, and the global market opened up to welcome native products and offered efficient ways of expansion than never before. International sales skyrocketed and gave businesses the confidence to expand rapidly cutting borders and frictions. Thanks to the growth of telecommunication and networking infrastructure that made communication a powerful force pulling things together. This means more options for the delivery of goods abroad through e-commerce and m-commerce platforms.  Here are some ways to sell your business internationally.

# The first step is to search potential contacts in the country or region desired and asking the right questions on Linkedin, Facebook and other professional social networks.

# Google to find business associations, groups and communities by country and industry.

# Search for related trade journals, publications, magazines and periodicals for relevant information, articles and people.

# Local business consultants, journos and agents know more about the prevailing market conditions for selling business in a particular region. It is important to develop a good working relationship with them throughout.

# It pays to visit a country or travel to a specific region a couple of times or so to associate with potential partners, meet with association leaders in the chosen industry and get in touch with people you may want to hire for business operations.  

# Develop a website that helps you find your business at the international level. Help potential buyers feel at ease going through your company’s website before they approach you offline and establish communication with you. This will also give you some time to learn international trade, laws, foreign taxation policies, duties and custom laws, etc.

If you’re looking to sell your business internationally, feel free to contact with us as we help you connect with potential buyers and facilitate the selling process.

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